One-way immersion education

As in two-way immersion education, one-way immersion education uses an additional/second language to teach content (e.g. geography, arts) by immersing students in this language throughout the lesson. In the one-way model it is assumed that the learners do not speak the immersion language as their first language, in contrast to two-way immersion education. The following models can all be described as one-way immersion:

Immersion in another locally spoken language: This model is used to teach a locally spoken language normally starting at primary school. This has been used in Wales (Welsh medium instruction ) and Ireland (Irish medium instruction) for instance.

English (official language) as an additional language (EAL): This model is used to teach immigrant children English, often separate from the mainstream class in sheltered English programmes.

Immersion in a modern foreign language (MFL): Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is a model that is very popular in continental Europe, where normally English is used to teach subjects at secondary level. It is increasingly used also in England. This is usually introduced at secondary level, where the students have had had previous priming in this language through traditional MFL lessons.