Staatliche Europa-Schule Berlin (SESB)

This was a study including 603 learners (14-19 years old) and 32 teachers in a bilingual two-way immersion programme, including 7 language combinations (German with English, French, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Italian, Russian). This found that two-way immersion education can have a positive effect on social cohesion (Meier 2010) There are a number or publications on SESB, see under publications, including a recent study by Möller et al. (2017).

Wix Primary School / École de Wix (2010-2011)

Dr Gabriela Meier (University of Exeter) has conducted a study in Wix Primary School , London (UK) (funded by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation - Grant 10-2001). A report can be found on this website. The study has shown that Bilingual Education works - but setting up a bilingual project needs to be considered carefully and every school has to design their own model, based on their school setting and socio-cultural environment. This website is an outcome of that project.

Further research projects are at planning stage.