What is bilingual immersion education? What is the difference between one-way, two-way, CLIL etc? (see definitions)

CLIL websites

The E-CLIL resource centre is designed to link two types of web resources:

1) CLIL Resource Sites that either have more information on the use of CLIL or further links to more CLIL resources.

2) Specific CLIL resources that can be used by teachers in the classroom

The CLIL Forum is a cultural and educational association whose main aims are:

CLIL classroom resources

Cascade CLIL Network (CCN) Materials and resources (with search function)

Chenderit School (2011) CLIL resources report.

Consejería Española: Publications and classroom materials (in Spanish)

Links into languages (2010) CLIL resources project. (incl. Documentaries and lessons on the water cycle in French)

The CLIL Forum - CIRELS's ready-to-use CLIL materials (from Catalonia but with EFL materials)

Teacher education resources

Woodfield, J. et al. (2011) Classroom methodology for immersion teachers.

David Marsh, Peeter Mehisto (2010) Framework for the professional development of CLIL teachers. European Centre for Modern Languages. (online resource).

CLIL websites

a compilation of websites for primary and secondary CLIL